We are experts in customization

Our standard products speak to the level of performance and stability we can provide. When you need something special, our customization capabilities answer with the exact performance you need. With decades of expertise in optical cavity mounting, stabilization, design, and coupling, we can create unique solutions for every aspect of frequency control: from cavity design to specialized electronics. Some examples of possible customizations to our standard products are described below, but don’t let that limit you.

Contact us to discuss your needs – we love a challenge!

Customization of Cavities

A well designed frequency stabilization system begins with the right cavity for the application. We offer customization of every aspect of cavity design: from size, geometry, and mounting method/materials to mirrors. We source only the highest quality mirrors with the exact coating properties and finesse you need, from single wavelength to multiple bands:

  • Low finesse cavities for filtering
  • Mid-finesse cavities for Doppler cooling
  • High finesse (Ƒ>300,000) cavities for precision spectroscopy of narrow atomic transitions

We can tailor the Free Spectral Range (FSR) of a cavity to meet extremely tight specifications – cavity length tolerances as low as nanometer level is possible, depending upon the cavity design. Alternatively, we can provide tunable cavities for filtering phase modulation sidebands, using piezoelectric tuning of cavity length to perform dynamic adjustment of the cavity resonance frequency.

Longer cavities: We often create longer cavities, either to obtain a lower FSR or for lower thermal-noise-limited stability. Please give us a call to discuss your applications and requirements.

Absolute Frequency Cavities: By designing a cavity with a resonant mode at an absolute frequency, we can reduce your need for time-consuming set-up of additional, costly, lossy frequency shifters. As an example, SLS can build a cavity with a mode within 100-300 MHz of a spectral line you are working with (e.g., Ca+ at 729 nm). A single inexpensive, efficient, frequency-shifting AOM can then bridge the narrow gap between the cavity resonance and the atomic resonance.

Dual band cavities: Dual band cavities have an upper limit of ~60,000 in finesse per band. More than two bands with lower finesse is also possible. We can easily offer up to 5 bands, and have provided more upon special request. Dual/multi band, mid-finesse (Ƒ<60,000) cavities are frequently used for Rydberg and EIT (electromagnetic induced transparency) physics and stabilization of lasers.

Multibore cavities: A single spacer can accommodate up to four mirror pairs, providing a frequency reference for many different color lasers. Due to the monolithic design of a multibore cavity, frequency drift between lasers is common-mode.

Customization of Systems

At the system level, we offer many custom options to add convenience to the stability of your light:

  • Autolocking servo
  • Frequency offset locking: FPGA-based, user-programmable shifting of stable laser light
  • Fiber waveguide frequency doubling
  • Addition of one or more Fiber Noise Cancelation Systems
  • Choice of footprint: tabletop breadboard, separate optical table, or crypt/rack
  • Compact and/or portable assemblies

Electronics Customization

We can customize the electronics of systems to facilitate interface and control for your specific needs:

  • FPGA control, enabling versatile code and hardware readily adaptable to your application
  • Choice of interface: GUI, command line, serial command, or touch screen
  • Integration of additional fiber optic components available upon request
  • I-Q RAM detection and cancelation

Customization of Cavity Housings

Custom cavity housings require a comprehensive understanding of their performance and design. We can provide:

  • Calculation and modeling of the ideal position of cavity support points to minimize vibration sensitivity
  • Detailed characterization of acceleration coefficient
  • TEC cooling option in place of heating
  • Transportable housings without loss of alignment
  • Adaptation for large cavities, such as notched, up to 300 mm length

Fiber-coupled housings: Many housings can be customized with fiber pigtail inputs and/or outputs, eliminating the need for mode-matching calculations and cavity realignment. We can provide fiber pigtail outputs using standard fiber (single mode and/or polarization maintaining fiber) or your choice of fiber, with mode matching from fiber to cavity of ~90%. This is most often used for compact assemblies, or applications that require portability.


Having problems with your Fabry-Perot cavity? SLS can clean the mirrors on your cavity, or swap out existing mirrors with new mirrors to upgrade its performance.

We can also perform highly precise measurement of your laser phase noise, allowing you to understand the coherence length of your source.

Other services:

  • Cavity ringdown measurements of mirror reflectivity
  • Measurement of zero crossing temperature for cavities
  • On-site verification of laser frequency stability