Breadboard Stabilized Laser Systems: SLS-λλλλ-300-1

We design our tabletop laser stabilization systems to offer rock-solid < 1 Hz linewidths in the lab at the wavelength you need.

We build around your laser or source a laser for you, allowing us to accommodate all wavelengths, larger lasers, and more customization options than in a rack-mounted system. Starting with the highest-performance Fabry-Perot cavities, these free-space designs are fitted to your desired footprint and toleranced to eliminate the need for cavity realignment.

Guaranteed performance, customized to your laser and footprint

Performance & Specs

Operating Wavelengths Custom, 500-2050 nm Designed around your laser or preferred wavelength
Stabilized Laser Linewidth 1 Hz, often better in practice Measured over 1 s, heterodyne beat
10 s Allan Deviation RMS < 3×10-14 Typical, no drift removed
Daily Laser Drift < 15 kHz
Power Consumption < 100 W Stabilization setup without laser, depending on configuration
Dimensions 1 m2 footprint typical Customized to each application or lab
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  • Customized for any laser wavelength, size, and power
  • Built with lab- and industry-tested, high-quality, low-drift components
  • Arrives ready to operate, fully tested and characterized
  • Includes vibration isolation system
  • Ongoing product support and warranty


  • Atomic clocks (e.g., Yb, Sr, Yb+, Sr+, Hg+, Ca, Ca+)
  • Atomic laser cooling
  • High-precision spectroscopy

Customization Options

  • Frequency offset locking
  • Fiber waveguide frequency doubling
  • Inclusion of one or more Fiber Noise Cancelation Systems
  • Choice of footprint: tabletop breadboard, separate optical table, or crypt/rack