Fiber-Coupled Laser Frequency Shifter: LFS-0700-15-100

Locking to a fixed resonance may give you the highest performing stable laser, but it can’t always deliver the frequency you need.

Our double-pass acousto-optic modulator design employs rock-solid engineering to precisely tune the frequency of your ultra-stable laser anywhere between cavity modes, limited only by the tuning range of your laser source. Whether you need to dynamically shift your laser frequency to cool and trap atoms, or if you simply want to compensate for residual cavity drift, our Laser Frequency Shifter facilitates broad frequency shifting without optical realignment.

Get the exact wavelength you want – and keep it!

Performance & Specs

Operating Wavelengths 500-1550 nm
Continuous frequency tuning >750 MHz Minor realignment required to switch AOM order for tuning of full cavity span
Frequency shift >1.5 GHz Spans cavity free spectral range
Input/Output Fiber coupled PM FC/APC fiber
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  • A compact, fiber-coupled, high efficiency alternative to multiple, lossy AOMs
  • Integrated and optimized AOM, RF amplifier, and intuitive software control
  • 750 MHz of continuous frequency tuning for a total of 1.5 GHz – one free spectral range!
  • Robust engineering ensures retention of laser servo lock during frequency tuning
  • A convenient add-on to any stabilized laser system


  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Precision laser wavelength tuning
  • Optical frequency sweep generation or shifting for cavity drift cancellation
  • Dynamic frequency variation for laser cooling and trapping

Customization Options

  • 1.5 GHz frequency span standard, other frequency spans available upon request
  • AOM AR-coated to your choice of operating wavelength