Integrated 3 Hz Stabilized Laser Systems: SLS-INT-1550-200-3

We’ve put our many years of expertise into making this integrated rack-mount system as lightweight, low power, and easy to use as possible.

It is designed for low acceleration sensitivity using a proprietary cavity geometry symmetry requiring no additional vibration isolation, yet is capable of maintaining < 3 Hz linewidths with less than 100 kHz daily laser drift. This is our most robust, compact system for maximum portability and ease of use.

< 3 Hz linewidth in the most compact, portable footprint possible

Performance & Specs

Operating Wavelengths 1530-1565 nm Other options available
Output Power 10 mW 20 mW optional
Stabilized Laser Linewidth < 3 Hz, σy < 10-14 @ 1 s Measured over 1 s, heterodyne beat
Daily Laser Drift < 40 kHz At 18 – 25 °C operating temperature
Power Consumption < 20 W Optional 3-day battery backup for ion pump
Dimensions 19” rack mountable housing, 4U high 42.3 x 45.8 x 13.5 cm
Weight 16 kg Additional vibration isolation optional
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  • Based on a 6 GHz free spectral range cavity
  • Automated locking restabilizes the laser in case of shock – no manual re-tuning required
  • Turn-key, front panel interface to monitor and control locking
  • Arrives fully tested and characterized
  • Optional offset locking
  • Portable: remains aligned, under vacuum, and often locked during transportation


  • Microwave generation
  • Laser radar (long coherence time lasers)
  • Fiber sensing
  • Detection and sensing of optical fiber perturbations

Monitor Outputs

  • Vacuum pressure, cavity temperature, laser current, and temperature monitored through front panel touchscreen
  • Output BNCs monitor the error signal, reflected power level, and transmitted power levels
  • Gain settings for loop filter displayed and adjustable through the touchscreen